How to Request Prayer

It is an honor to be able to intercede for those

who write to us in need of loving support in prayer.


Please Read and Follow the Guidelines below

before submitting your Prayer Request:  

people praying

For those Needing Prayer

Our Prayer Request Submission Policy

1.)  We cannot accept prayer requests for “Unspoken” or vague needs.


2.)  We cannot accept prayer requests for Sick or missing pets/animals.


3.)  We cannot accept prayer requests for those wanting financial support, materials, or sponsorship from

      Global Prayer Room Members.


4.)  Please keep all prayer requests to Under 100 Words. Thank you!


5.)  We do not ever publish, give to others, or sell, any E-mail addresses that we receive.


6.)  We do not accept "forwarded" or "chain" prayer requests. The Lord has called us to focus much prayer on the

      individual requests that He leads to this prayer ministry.    


7.)  We request that you Do Not submit more than one prayer request per week.


8.)  We regret that we do not open any E-mail "Attachments" accompanying submitted Prayer Requests.

1.)  Those who have a need for healing or for a Physical creative miracle.


2.)  Those who are Involved in International Missionary ministry, Pastoral Care,                                

       Fire Fighters, Medical Professionals,  Governmental Public Servants,

       Policemen and women and Members of the Armed Services.


3.)  Those who need prayer for “prodigal” family members. (Children and Adults!)


4.)  Those who need prayer for direction and discernment from the Heavenly Father.


5.)  Those needing to be set free from depression, anxiety, addictions, fear, and unforgiveness.

We WILL accept Prayer Requests for:


Please send your prayer request

using thesecure email form.



Prayer needs will be shared with humble and mature

people of prayer, who will gladly stand with you

in agreement along with God’s Word.


Please include your return email address

in order for us to be able to respond back to you

if the Lord should share anything specific with us

in prayer in regard to your situation.


This is not always something we can promise,

but we desire to leave room for the Holy Spirit

to move  appropriately.


Prayer groups from across the Globe are

willing to pray for your request.


Your prayer request will be lifted up in prayer and

 all informationis kept completely confidential.


hear my prayer,

listen to my cry for mercy;

In your faithfulness

and righteousness

come to my relief.”

Psalm 143:1

“He (Father God) will respond,

To the prayer of the destitute;

He will not despise their plea.

”Psalm 102:17

Please Use This Secure Form

To Send Your Prayer Request


We never share your email with anyone else.

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